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In this article I want to discuss about the place you can learn a great deal of online Christian Guitar Lesson with Aaron Anastasi through his program focusing on teaching worship songs guitar lessons. But before making a decision, let’s first look into about Aaron life. The Christian guitar lesson is very important for Christian musicians. As Christian, we want to invest our time, effort and resources into a like minded person and who had a wider experiences in the Christian music environment.

We want to learn from experienced Christian musicians. And that’s what Aaron is all up to and his lessons through simple worship guitar play method you can now learn to play all the popular worship songs, pasts and present at ease. Anyone starting from beginner can learn how to effectively play any popular worship songs with their guitar with him.

Know About Aaron Anastasi.

Aaron is a great Christian musician and worship leader who lives in beautiful sunny Southern California. He has been playing guitar and leading worship for over 20 years. During his career in christian music ministry, many people have been asking, if Aaron would be willing to teach them guitar precisely to play worship songs. These people wanted to learn and play most of the songs that Aaron usually play during church or at youth group.

It was somewhat a challenged to Aaron because he wasn’t a traditional music teacher. He had spent sometime thinking how could he teach them in the most practical way so that they can start playing songs as soon as possible?

At first Aaron wasn’t confident, but eventually, he realized that he had a knack for teaching because all of his students were picking up the guitar really quickly and within just a couple weeks were playing worship songs along with him!

After teaching privately for awhile, he became fully aware of his potential and he began to use the internet to teach all the people his system of learning guitar and worship songs.

Introducing Play Worship Guitar -A Truly Step-By-Step Guitar Learning System for Aspiring Christian Guitarists.

Play Worship Guitar is a System of Christian Guitar Lessons and worship songs set up by Aaron. It is a truly, step-by-step guitar learning system for aspiring Christian guitarists.

Aaron had been spending a lot of time developing the actual system that he effectively used to teach people. Through Play Worship Guitar system students were getting the most out of their time. He was aspired to create this  unique learning system that speeds up the learning process and learners are able to see and experience immediate results.

Learn and play guitar with Play  Worship Guitar system is fun to learn and very simple for all levels. It doesn’t allow the learners to sit in their room practicing boring scales for 5 hours a day. It is a great guitar learning system for those who desire to play the actual worship songs as soon as possible rather than practicing guitar scales all day long. If you want to play all the worship songs like a pro without reading the musical notes, I encourage you to check Play Worship Guitar and decide for yourself.

Rather than having to put your head in a book and memorize music theory, through this learning system, you will be able to play a song within a day or two of picking up the guitar.

Easily Learn Guitar And Worship Songs With Follow-Along Video Lessons

Trying to learn a worship song on your own can be frustrating.

  • What chords do I play?
  • How do I strum the guitar and keep good rhythm?
  • How do I hold the chords?
  • How do I do those cool little guitar tricks that David Crowder or Tim Hughes or Martin Smith do?

According to Aaron, almost every guitar player that he knew got started playing guitar so they could play songs. I understand that some of our Christian musicians don’t want to be in the guitar learning programs that takes all the fun out and just make you practice scales all day? I play piano at a Thai Church every Sunday. All the songs are sang in Thai language but I can smoothly play along with the our Church musicians. In this learning guitar program, Aaron wanted to help you achieve that without looking at the chords or notes but more than that his assurance is that you can play like a pro with any worship songs.

Most of the worship songs you will learn through play worship guitar program are songs that Aaron used to play during worship at church. He also filmed his teaching sessions so that everyone could learn all of these songs. That helps you to learn worship songs on your own time right from home.

Play Worship Guitar with Aaron provides absolutely everything you will ever need to start learning guitar and to play popular worship songs by your favorite Christian artist. What’s exciting is you will learn to play exactly how Aaron played these worship songs at his church where he leads worship!

Will It Work For A Beginner Like Me?

Yes! Play Worship Guitar is a completely step-by-step method that Aaron developed that teaches even total beginners everything they need to know to start playing guitar and even worship songs in days rather than months or years…

This is an online guitar learning course that is designed specifically for beginners who want to learn guitar while also learning great contemporary worship songs on guitar.

With his proven A-Z step-by-step guide you will learn a proven 85% faster than if you used traditional old methods.

No musical knowledge is required at all…

You do not need to know how to read music…

No prior guitar experience required at all…

In fact Play Worship Guitar is perfect for:

Perfect for total beginners…

Perfect for anyone with less than 1 year of guitar experience…

Perfect for anyone who wants to learn guitar in a simple step-by-step approach…

Perfect if you want to learn how to play worship songs…

Learn Guitar Anytime – At Your Own Pace

The great thing about Play Worship Guitar is that it is designed with the student in mind.

With a lot of guitar courses, or dvds, or even with private teachers you are required to practice for at least an hour a day and there is sometimes a lot of pressure to go at the pace of your teacher instead of your own pace.

With Play Worship Guitar, whether you practice 5 minutes a day or 2 hours is totally up to you because you can go at your own pace.


You have access to all of the videos and training 24 hours a day…7 days a week…from any computer.

At Worship Play Guitar you rather spend your time with your friends or family than doing guitar exercises all day and night.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn

Play Worship Guitar gives you everything you’ll ever need to start learning guitar, and show you exactly how you want to play songs by your favorite Christian artists. You don’t need any knowledge of how to play the guitar at all. This course works for everyone of all ages and is perfect for absolute beginners.

Learn the ins and outs of the guitar and all the parts of the guitar…what to do and why each is important

How to hold the pick, hold the guitar, and posture…developing proper fundamentals will get you playing guitar faster and with less frustration

Warmup Exercises that will help you loosen up your muscles and play longer without fatigue and help your solo hand learn to play twice as fast.

Learn Beginner Chords…these are the backbone of every song you will ever play. Watch and play along with Aaron as he teach you how to hold each chord properly

Muscle memory exercises to skyrocket your ability to play and recall chords with ease

Chord changing exercises will ensure that you never get stuck trying to get your fingers to go where you want them to…these step-by-step exercises will make chord changes simple

Bust out rhythm guitar riffs, easily perform walks and add unique flair to your chords…no need to practice endless hours before enjoying the “best parts” of playing

Explode over the learning curve with Aaron’s “cheat chords” system…start playing in minutes rather than days or weeks

Learn dynamic strumming patterns that will have you sounding like a seasoned guitar player almost instantly

Master barre chords…with these chords you can literally play all over the guitar neck

Dynamic sliding, hammer ons, pull offs…these techniques will give your playing a fresh vibe and make songs come alive

Guitar accuracy exercises designed to develop you into a more precise and skillful guitarist in a fraction of the time

New Chord Voicings that will allow you to effortlessly cruise up and down the guitar neck. Don’t get stuck with a stale repetitive sound.

Dynamic Guitar Techniques that you can use to transform any song or chord progression from dull to exciting and impressive.

Dictate The Mood You Convey By the Chord You Play allowing you to guide your playing (and audience) in the emotional direction you want to go.

Find Any Note On The Guitar with a simple system that will keep you from having to waste days trying to memorize every note on the guitar neck.

Discover Octaves and how you can apply them to any song…and even use them to learn how to play any song.

Learn Power Chords and how you can combine them with open chords to “break open” the song and make it 10 times easier to play any song.

Guitar Accuracy Exercises designed to develop you into a more precise and skillful guitarist in a fraction of the time.

Fingerpicking patterns so that you can make any chord or song sound beautiful with easy to follow fingerpicking lessons.

Plus much much more…

And Best Of All…You Will Learn New Worship Songs Every Month

Aaron’s goal for you with the Play Worship Guitar system is to get you playing guitar as fast as possible so that you can begin playing worship songs quickly.  You will get new worship song video lessons every month.

Here’s just some of the songs you will learn inside the Play Worship Guitar member’s area:

  • I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever – Martin Smith
  • Here I Am To Worship – Tim Hughes
  • One Thing Remains – Jesus Culture
  • Nothing Holding Me Back – Bryan and Katie Torwalt
  • Everlasting God – Brenton Brown and Ken Riley
  • Our God – Chris Tomlin
  • Hungry – Kathryn Scott
  • We Are Hungry – Brad Kilman
  • Bones – Hillsong United
  • Burning Ones – Jesus Culture
  • I Am Set Free – All Sons and Daughters
  • Plus brand new songs every month

Aaron’s Never Get Stuck Guarantee

Everything in Play Worship Guitar is based on a building block approach.

Each lesson builds off the one before so that you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

No more getting frustrating trying to learn…simply watch and play!

If you follow along with the system that Aaron has created, it’s 99% sure that you will have a smooth learning process and be playing guitar in no time because of Aaron’s unique muscle memory exercises…

However, we know that everyone can get stuck at one point or another in any learning processes, and that is why he has an open door policy to himself and his support team.

As a Play Worship Guitar member you have FREE and UNLIMITED access through Aaron and his support team so that if  you ever need any help getting back on the right track all you have to do is shoot him an email.  And either Aaron or one of his guitar coach will give you a guiding hand to get you back on track promptly…

As a Christian musician, Aaron is making sure every single member is completely happy and satisfied.

You will never be lost.

Play Worship Guitar Features

  • Complete A to Z, step-by-step guitar learning system…
  • Learn how to play guitar from a tried and true Christian worship leader with over 20 years of experience
  • Get Aaron’s Songwriting Bootcamp…this is a 5 part video series where Aaron teaches the learners how to write an effective worship song.
  • New worship song lessons every month…you will learn new songs all the time so you constantly have a new and fresh worship song to learn
  • Downloadable chord charts for every song
  • 2 camera video lessons…each lesson uses two cameras so you can see up close exactly how to play every lesson
  • Unlimited access to the support team…so you will never be stuck and frustrated.  Help is just a click away…
  • 24/7 access…you can access Play Worship Guitar any time of day and learn on your own schedule
  • Works on any computer…Play Worship Guitar will work on any computer with internet access
  • iPhone and iPad compatible…every video is compatible to play on any device
  • 100% money-back guarantee…you get my 100% guarantee that you will learn guitar and love this course! If not all of your money will be returned back plus let you keep the entire program for free…

There are 6 Bonuses That are Throw In…If You Get Started Today

Bonus #1

Online Chord and Scale Generator…find any chord and scale with ease (a $27 value)

Bonus #2

Guitar Tuner…so you can get in tune and stay in tune (a $17.95 value)

Bonus #3

Online Metronome…a great tool to help you with your rhythm (a $27 value)

Bonus #4

The Play Worship Guitar Songwriting Bootcamp…a 5 part video series that teaches you how to craft creative lyrics and catchy melodies (a $37 value)

Bonus #5

The Play Worship Guitar Guide To Leading Worship…I’ll teach you how to lead worship based on my own experience and knowledge (a $37 value)

Bonus #6

The Play Worship Guitar Daily Devotional with 365 Days of short devotionals.  While Aaron was studying Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary he put together this 365 daily devotional as a way to help people stay in the Word and learn valuable insights.  It only takes a few minutes a day but they could be the most valuable minutes of your day.

Over $175 worth of bonuses are yours free when you order “Play Worship Guitar” today…yours to keep no matter what.

Look What Play Worship Guitar Members Are Saying:

“Thanks for all your help! I love this site as I had stopped playing guitar until I crossed this site and now I can’t put it down! Thanks again!” Craig Eiland.

“Thank you for the website, I have been wanting to play for years but have had so many hiccups. Now I am able to learn at my own pace. Also I have written lots of lyrics and thanks to your site I can write and play music ???? God bless ya guys heaps!” Jen.

“I signed up on August 13th…I love it, and it has been very helpful and informative. As a drummer, singer, and music theory student, this by far has been the most user friendly and straight forward approach I have ever seen. I have been messing with guitar for the past 5 years and have grown quite frustrated with learning everything by the book. So thank you, for the first time things have clicked and I am ready to start playing a few songs!” Ray Reimer Eagle Point, Oregon.

“Thank you for replying so quickly to all my emails, I am very excited about this program considering I have already learned one song! Whoo hoooo! Thanks again!” Tiffany Lauren

100% Money Back Guarantee

A Play Worship Guitar membership comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied (or for any reason) and you may cancel at any time thereafter as well.

Plus, if you feel like this program has not given you your money’s worth at any point, just send an email and let the team know why and I will keep teaching you for free.  You can still cancel at any time without having to email play worship guitar if you just need to cancel for any other reason.

“Try It First and Decide Later”

A simple risk free put together for you, “try first, decide later” 21 day trial for you.  Just so you can see for yourself how much this course will help you learn guitar and have fun playing worship songs you can get started today for just $1…no joke!

You get full access to the entire course for 21 days.

If you decide not to cancel after those 21 days you will continue getting great guitar lessons, worship song lessons, and more for just $17 a month (cancel anytime).

A tiny investment for a skill you will keep your entire life.

Join Play Worship Guitar Today

Get Started Today For Just $1

“P.S. I want to encourage you to finally live your dreams of playing guitar…there are plenty of people just like you who are doing this… P.P.S. Unsure? Undecided? No worries. Remember, I’m taking ALL THE RISK here because you’re covered from day one by my 60-day 100% risk-free guarantee…” – Aaron.



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  1. Hi and thanks for the great guide. I would not have thought it would be this easy to learn so easily and quickly. Especially something like guitar. Thank you for combining your 2 passions of your faith and music to give your site viewers this great content. Will you be expanding on this post in the future? Thanks Kenny 

    1. Thanks Kenny. Yeah I play very little guitar but almost every Sunday I played Piano. I have learned through observation and listening. I Think that is what Aaron’s Worship Guitar lesson is all about but more to that, he has vast and long years of experiences. I have outlines to write few more reviews on this Guitar lesson program. It is very suitable for beginners and those who cannot read musical notes. Is there any change do you think I can make to make this article better? Thanks.

  2. Wow. This is such a useful offer. I am also a church musician, playing organ and piano. Church music used to be mainly hymns but over the years worship music has evolved to include beautiful songs that enhance the experience as you play with chords. I have heard many people express the wish to be able to play these songs on their own, not only for enjoyment, but also for their private worship experience and to sing with friends. It is good to learn piano, but for ease and portability the guitar is great. Your program seems to offer all they would need. It has fundamentals and explanations of how to play guitar, generally and it also offers to teach the songs. I am very impressed with this program. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks JJ. This is a wonderful comment. I also play piano at the church. The program as I pointed out on this article is setup by Aaron. An experienced lead worshiper and musician for over twenty years. I am really encouraged by his program. And I recommend Church musicians especially guitar players to consider this program because the focus is on the worship songs learning. If any of your church member interested your can refer them. Thanks and good luck.

  3. Hi! This sounds like a great program. I like the fact that it is for beginners and designed for someone who isn’t able to read music. I love to worship, and I can sing a little but I never learned how to read music. The guitar is such a beautiful instrument. I was wondering, do you have plans for reviewing a piano lesson program for beginners? I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. Thanks! Kathy

    1. Thanks Kathy!

      Yes, I really like the program because it is absolutely perfect for beginners and those who are unable to read musical notes. After I do a review on worship guitar lessons, I have plans to do a review on piano lessons. That will focus on church and christian music only. Thanks for reminding me. I play piano at the church every sunday but I never learn to read music. I have learned to play piano by listening and observing. My review may fall along that line. Wishing you every blessing and success. 


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