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Free Websites Creator

Hello! My name is Paul. I am thrilled to have you visiting my new website, Free Websites Creator!

I’m a full-time Missionary currently serving in Thailand together with my wife and a three year-old daughter. I’m a teacher and preacher by profession, the job that I love doing it for all the days of my life.

I created Free Websites Creator to help those who are passionate about creating their own website(s) both for personal or for business purposes and to help those who would like to start up their own online business and earning streams online.

I aim to focus on building, designing and hosting of websites on this site. All my blog posts focus on web designing and building and web functions and features and related education and trainings, tools and reviews.

FWC website is created as part of my affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate.

My aim is to help build websites for schools, Churches, other Christian organisations and interested individuals, with very small annual fees. Besides, I also promote affiliate links of affiliate services and products that relates to my Online Business.

When you click any of the affiliate links on Free Websites Creator and purchase a product or services, I will be rewarded with a very little commission by the own of the products or services that you purchase.

The commissions that this website makes add to our Ministry Funds, which we use to support our Mission Work.

If you want me to build a website for you or for your organisation. Kindly send me an email expressing your interest to And I will be happy to build you a brand new WordPress website with free life long secured hosting (SSL) and support.

Why and How a Missionary Getting into Online Digital Marketing Platform? Read on to Know My Full Story.

So, how do I become a websites creator and website designer?

It’s a new and exciting journey that I’m embarking on and I hope you follow along. As you read through, you will learn that that I found this new and exciting way of learning how to make money online.

There are thousands of opportunities online where you can work and become successful online.

Apart from my Ministry assignments I set few hours each day aside learning to build free wordpress websites with SiteRubix website building platform.

These websites are hosted with absolutely free SSL and free 24/7 Site Support provided and it’s powered by Wealthy Affiliate Website Hosting Platform. One of the most powerful WordPress Websites Hosting platform in the industry today.

Being a self-supporting full time Missionary with my wife and 3 year old daughter, involving in volunteer work overseas and engaging in part time jobs and trying to meet the needs of our small family has not been easy.

Financial struggles to meet our ministry needs and family demands have been a real challenge I have faced with for years as a sole breadwinner.

After building and establishing my online business, I am able to earn income online, both passive and active incomes through direct advertising sales, affiliate marketing, and through promoting other products and services online that are related to my online business work outside of ministry proper.

I’m “A Digital Tentmaker”.

I refer to myself as ‘a Digital Tentmaking Missionary’ like Apostle Paul of the New Testament.

My conviction to get into creating a fulltime online digital business is based purely on my perspective of contemporary trend in mission and missionary support.

Currently more and more laypersons and ministry professionals are spending time online via their blogs and using them to earn an income which actively involving with their ministry assignments. They have been referred as “Digital Tentmakers” or “TentBloggers” (tentblogging), those that make money through their blogs.

In the early Christian Church, Peter and other apostles who devoted themselves entirely to their religious ministry and lived off the money donated by Church members (see Acts 4:34-37).

Paul frequently performed outside work, not desiring to be a financial burden to the young Churches he founded. In Thessaloniki, Paul states that he and his companions “worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you” (2 Thessalonians 3:8).

Paul’s purpose in working was to set an example for the Christians, desiring that they not become idle in their expectation of the return of Christ, but that they would work to support themselves.

He also hoped that his refusal to accept financial support would build his credibility among non-Christians, thus giving him the chance to win over more of them (See 1 Corinthians 9, particularly verse 12).

For additional glimpses into the Apostle Paul’s tentmaking ministry see Acts 18:1-3; 20:33-35; Philippians 4:14-16.

Modern Times Tentmaking Missionary

William Carey (1761-1831), considered to be the father of modern evangelical Christian missions, was a tentmaker in India, working as a factory owner and university professor while fulfilling his mission duties.

At the time, international mission work was a new and controversial idea in the Church, and tentmaking was the only way for Carey to support his ministry. His example has led thousands of Christian missionaries to support themselves while ministering overseas.

Those Countries that closed their borders to mission work and their Governments hostile to Christianity often accept well-qualified teachers, doctors, computer technicians and engineers and so on into their countries to work, even if these men and women are Christians. These professionals are thus able to serve the country and support themselves while performing missions work.

Well, above sums up why I decided to get into Online Digital Business, while on Active Mission and Ministry Duties.

I usually engaged in part time teaching jobs that usually earns us enough to sustain us, but had quitted because it disturbed my ministry. I engaged is training local church leader to teach Bible-based Literacy and involving in distributing Bible and Christian Literature through The Bible League Thailand.

What I’ve Been Doing Online So Far…

Online business has been my passion for many years. I tried number of different sites but it all did not work out well for me. I was scammed three times by some online marketing gurus and they Cheated $300 from me. Internet is filled with scammers and you have to be careful with what you are looking for.

In 2018, I read an article online written by Jack from Singapore when I came across the name Wealthy Affiliate for the first time. Jack’s testimony of his online experiences and successes with Wealthy Affiliate caught my attention so I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate without hesitations through Jack’s affiliate link.

On October 2018, I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Starter Member. After three days of exploring and evaluating through roles, functions and features of Wealthy Affiliate platform, I took the challenge to try Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

I’m not a computer expert, web designer or tech savvy or have any background knowledge and skills about internet business and online marketing so fort.

Like most of WA members, due to my previous experiences, I joined Wealthy Affiliate with skepticism. I didn’t know and think that earning money online was even possible!

Despite, I decided to take the challenge of learning and putting it in to practice and see how far WA would take me.

I am very grateful that I have founded and joined Wealthy Affiliate online digital marketing program.

I started my online digital business with zero knowledge and no technical skills about online marketing, affiliate marketing, web design and web building, SEO, and more. I had no clue and idea about anything to do with functions and settings of websites.

Skipping ahead today (I don’t want to write an essay here), I’ve turned into a full-fledged online marketer.

I can wield any SEO, Paid Traffic (PPC), Niche and Content Marketing, Products Review, Youtube Creator, and copywriting knowledge, creative content and facebook monetization, google adsense program, Web Building and Design and it keeps building up.

Today, my online business has allowed me to earn a comfortable passive income through Wealthy Affiliate referral program, google adsense program, affiliate products and services through PPC or Paid Traffic and other streams online.

I have learned a lot and am still learning and it seems there are so much more to learn within Wealthy Affiliate Education Platform. There is no end to it all! It keeps getting better every year!

What Have I Achieved?
The way my online business runs today, I’m thinking I will not be looking for any part time or full time paid secular jobs and to concentrate on my Ministry obligations and my online business.

I have everything I wanted with my online business that allows me to serve God Anywhere Anytime and with Anyone.

  • Be location independent
  • Make money while I sleep, eat, play and do mission work,
  • Work whenever  and wherever I want to,
  • Provide financial means for my little family to keep us going to continue serving the Lord,
  • A consistent monthly 3 figure online income and heading to 4 figure soon.

I couldn’t have done it without the comprehensive training and the help provided on Wealthy Affiliate Community and its Education Platform.

I owe all my achievements to amazing Wealthy Affiliate hard working team leading by Co-Founders, Kayle and Carson and to Members of Wealthy Affiliate Community, who have been part of my training online.

YOU can use the same (exact) training I used to Build Your Very Own Successful Online Business as well.

My online journey with Wealthy Affiliate is all documented on my profile and personal blog there. You can see how much I have been earning and how long it all took.

The best part is, you can check it all out for FREE! Wealthy Affiliate has a life-time free membership as well as a Premium membership.

With the life-time Starter membership, you can check it all out: the training, the community, and see my profile as well as other’s all for free. If you are ready to join Wealthy Affiliate, click the link below to begin.

Wealthy Affiliate | Create Your Free Account Here

What’s In It For YOU When You Sign Up Now?

  • I will offer you great personal advice on everything I’ve learned in my online journey and help you working towards achieving your financial goals a bit faster.
  • I will become Your Personal Assistant or Coach! If you sign up for the Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate,
  • I will guide you in the right direction and teach you things only experts can tell you.


There are only a few legitimate ways to make money online. Affiliate Marketing will unlock and expose you to 3 billion customers who are online everyday trading online. The potential you have online to make hom much money online is limitless.

But You can’t make good amount of money with affiliate marketing, if you don’t get proper training. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what I used to make my 3 figure income online.

The Training at Wealthy Affiliate is Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels, both beginners and experts alike.

You will use exactly the same  training I used to start building my online business.

The Training is in very simple English. It’s step by step, and easy to follow through to build your online business just like I did but with a topic of your own choosing.

You could build yours under whatever topic you wish, and do something you really love!

It does take time and lots of hard work to build an online business so only sign up if you’re willing and able to commit this.

Congratulation! You have finally found the path to building a real sustainable, long term online business that can earn you life long passive income stream online!

I can’t wait to be your Personal Coach!

Paul, Digital Tentmaker

Free Websites Creator