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Coin Operated Mechanism – For Commercial Coin Operated Pool Tables.


Coin Operated Mechanism f0bfd9d4aecec48133b30f5d2b9df0ed_cropped_optimized

In this article, I list top 10 coin mechanism. These coin mechanism devices can be used mostly with pool tables, laundry, and arcades. They are made and widely distributed in UK and US and ship to many other countries world wide.

I have a team of friends specialized in designing and constructing public pool (snooker tables) with professional end look and touch. They are able to find every piece that are need to put together for a pool table.

However, recently, they searched everywhere in their local stores and were not able to find coin operated mechanism  to attach to the pool table that they are making.

They have asked me to search and to purchase for them online. So I have spent sometime searching for the item. The following are the results from my search, which I will purchase and ship to them.

I have selected top ten of the coin operated mechanism that are perfectly suitable for any pool table, laundry, football, and arcades. There may be other great coin operated mechanism for pool table, which one can choose from according to the need, and availability and location of the product.

I recommend recommend my friends to choose and purchase from these ten 10 coin operated mechanism that I listed here.

If you are a commercial pool maker or an owner of pool tables, laundry, and arcades, and would want to insert coin mechanism, the following lists of 10 coin operated mechanism can be a great place to choose from. Read on and find out if they are available in your country.

#1. Top Coin Operated Mechanism – Greenwald 5 Coin Vertical Slide Mechanism For Pool Table-Laundry-Arcade

Greenwald 5 Coin Vertical Slide Mechanism is made for Pool Table-Laundry-Arcade. The condition is used but it is perfectly working fine.


EURO COIN MECHANISM  is a new straight six standard size made for pool tables. Its condition is brand new. It is shipped worldwide with additional charges.

#3. Top Coin Operated Mechanism – ESD V-5 Used 5 Coin Vertical Slide Mechanism For Pool Table – Laundry – Arcade

ESD V-5 5 Coin Vertical Slide Mechanism is made for Pool Table, Laundry and Arcade. Its condition is used. The item location is Oiho, United State. This item can not be directly shipped to Papua New Guinea but it is possible to do so through Thailand. It can be shipped directly to other 40 plus countries.


POOL TABLE COIN MECHANISM NEW £1 DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR STRAIGHT SIX is made in UK and distributed world wide. The condition is brand new. The location of the item is Hull, Humberside, United Kingdom.

#5. Top Coin Operated Mechanism-Pool or Football Tables Coin Slot Mechanism 6 Options way mech for £1 50-20-10p

Pool or Football Tables Coin Slot Mechanism 6 Options way mech for £1 50-20-10p. This coin mechanism is engineered pursposely for snooker tables and football tables. It is made in UK and shipped to Thailand including other 51 countries.

The item location is Preston, United Kingdom. Its condition is new.

#6. Top Coin Operated Mechanism – Pool or Football Tables Coin Slot Mechanism 5 Options way mech for £1 50-20-10p

This coin mechanism is designed for pool and football tables. It comes with five coin options mechanism. The item is engineered and manufactured in UK and is shipped to more than 40 countries.

It is sold as brand new item. The location of the item is Preston, United Kingdom.

#7. Top Coin Operated Mechanism – ESD-V-5-Used-5-Coin-Vertical-Slide-Mechanism-For-Pool-Table-Laundry-Arcade

ESD V-5 Used 5 Coin Vertical Slide Mechanism is made fro Pool Table, Laundry, and Arcade. It is a used item in very good condition with functionality as with the brand new. It is made in the United State. It is pre-owned and only shipped within the United States.

The location of the item is Findlay, Ohio, United States.


This straight six coin mechanism is made in the UK for supperpool table. Its condition is new and only shipped within the United Kingdom. The location of the product is eighton buzzard, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

#9. Top Coin Operated Mechanism – Pool Table Coin Mechanism

This coin mechanism is specifically designed for pool table. The condition is new. The location of the item is York, United Kingdom. The item is only shipped within the United Kingdom.

#10. Top Coin Operated Mechanism – Pool table coin mechanism SET 50p coin play will do 10p 20p 30p 40p etc NOT £1n

This coin mechanism is designed for pool table specifically and you can adjust with different sizes and shapes of coins. It is used item in good condition. It is made in UK and distributed to the following countries:

United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Australia, United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, China, Israel, Hong Kong, Norway, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Korea, South, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Chile.

The location of the item is Northwich CHESHIRE, United Kingdom

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8 thoughts on “Coin Operated Mechanism – For Commercial Coin Operated Pool Tables.”

  1. I always thought these machines is part of the entire pool table when someone buy? Wasn’t that the case? Why is there a  need for a separate machine? I do not know how to play pool and find it really difficult to different between American Pool, British Poor and Snooker. Possible to give me some idea about this?

    1. Hi Florence,

      Firstly, Pool tables are made to suit different purposes. There are free pool tables don’t come with the mechanism like those that are made for sports and homes. Only those that are made intentionally for commercial purposes are installed with mechanism. From what I understand, Pool table is referred to as snooker table in other place. Hope that clarifies a little.  


  2. I really is important to get a good coin operated mechanism for your pool table.  Unless the table is in view of the owner or operator at all times, it can be easy for people to steal your money.  I remember one time, I went to a bar called Sneaky Pete’s back in the day.  It was a “disco” bar, and the pool table was rarely used by the clientele of the establishment, so the owner put it into a back room.  I ventured back there one day and was watching a couple of young guys playing pool.  There was a handful of other people watching as well.  The game ended, and they proceeded to throw a few more quarters into the slots.  What happened next, I’ll never forget.  The mechanism malfunctioned, and a huge amount of quarters came spilling out of the bottom of the table.

    Well, you’ve never seen a frenzy like that.  The people watching made a mad dive for the floor and started shoving quarters into their pockets.  LOL.  I was amazed how quickly the floor became clear of quarters, and everyone involved ran out of there like they had just heisted a fortune.  Ha Hal.

    So yes, be sure to get a good mechanism if you want success.

    1. Hi Babsie, yes you are correct. Thanks for sharing your experience. Choosing a quality mechanism is very important for your commercial pool table in the long run. 

  3. Oh wow…this was a very interesting article. So many to choose from. But what I found more intriguing was the fact that I never really paid attention to the need to have this coin-operated part.

    I love playing pool and where I play, it is the old-fashioned table and you don’t pay for the game by using these coin-operated machines. You just pay by the hour or basically the rental of the pool stick. If you have your own, it is the price per hour anyway.

    Is this a modern thing? Did they just start using these coin-operated machines? Are they better or more effective when it comes to playing the game or if you own a bar, does it make better money for the bar-owner? Just curious if you know. DO they have a timing mechanism as well or just price regulated?

    Thanks for your answers in advance.


    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks, it’s old fashion and manually operated. Making money really depends on the number of users. They are all manual coin mechanisms and they don’t have timing mechanism. You press the required token or coins to release the balls from the pool to begin a new game. Thanks for those questions. Hope my my explanation is helpful. 


  4. I love playing pool and wherever I go and see a pool table I HAVE TO PLAY!! I have noticed different systems and you give a good amount of details of these mechanisms. I think that businesses that own these tables should read your article to decide what’s the best system for them. I’m thinking about buying a pool table and you just gave me an idea, I will buy one with coin operated mechanism so that my friends indirectly help me pay for the table 🙂

    NICE POST!! 

    1. Hi Victor, 

      Thanks. I was asked by my friends to find out these mechanism to purchase online for them. You said you are thinking of buying a pool table. Have you know of a place where we can get similar products in bulk. Those ones on the articles have very limited supplies. You can drop me link so I can follow through.

      Thanks. Paul.

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