How to Create Ad Campaign – Smart Campaigns

What’s included in this Tutorial.

In this tutorial we will cover the following:

  1. Benefits of Smart Campaigns.
  2. Steps to Create Smart Campaigns.


Benefits of Smart Campaigns.

One thing I like about Smart Campaigns is that you can easily create new campaign with your very targeted keywords focusing on a very specific geograpical location or a specific group of people. You have the authority to decided your budget, set the date and time in a week and to decided where you prefer your ads to show up. Google will only do what you instructed it to do and give you your desired results.

Below are the benefits of Smart Campaigns.

  • Create an online ad quickly and easily.
  • Create ads quickly and easily.
  • Pay only when people click your ad.
  • Attract more customers to your website or Google Maps listing.
  • Easy to adjust and edit settings of yours to get better results. Google Ads runs your ads for you.
  • Reach customers on desktop computers and mobile devices (such as mobile phones and tablets).
  • Review the effectiveness of your ads in your dashboard.
  • Pay only when people click your ad.
  • Attract more customers to your website or Google Maps listing.
  • Minimal ongoing management necessary. Google Ads runs your ads for you.
  • Reach customers on desktop computers and mobile devices (such as mobile phones and tablets).
  • Review the effectiveness of your ads in your dashboard.

How to Create Smart Ads Campaigns

Step 1: Create a gmail account here;

If you have an existing gmail account, sign in and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Follow this link to set up your Google Ads Account;

Once you successfully signup with your gmail, your new Google Ads Dashboard will appear like image here. Go ahead and click CREATE AD button.


Step 3: Select the Goal of Your Campaign.

Your focus in this tutorial is to Get more website sales or signup, which is more relevant to your wealthy affiliate, as you are trying to get more traffic to your site. Select the middle button as shown on the image below and Click Next.

Step 4: Enter Your Business Info.

You are required to describe your business here.

  • Enter the relevant name of your business below where it is written Business Name. The name must be less than 120 characters.
  • Enter your website that you want to drive the traffic to below where it is written Business Website. Follow the example.

It should look similar to the image below; Then Click Next to continue.

Step 5: Choose Your Customer

  • Select Set Up Specific Areas (It is more specific and you will know exactly where your traffics are coming from)
  • Write down the names of cities, states or countries that you prefer you Ads to appear.
  • The square on your right side shows the potential audience size that your Ads will reach.
  • Once you are done and satisfied with the selection of your audiences, Click Next.

NB: Note that you can still adjust and find newer customers after completely setting up your Ads.

Step 6: Define Your Product

  • Click English button if you need to change the language.
  • Under Business Category, type the name of your product or services that your Ads will be showing. For example, I typed Affiliate Marketing as my product and Google has shown me relevant related keywords that I can choose from. Google always shows broader keywords so in order for you to narrow it down to small amount of audience, you need to enter you own keywords.
  • Click Add Another button to add other related keywords relevant to the business category you choose.
  • When you are done defining your product Click Next.

Step 7: Write Your Ad

  • Under Headline 1 write the name of your business or product or service that you are promoting.
  • Under Headlines 2 write something attractive or catchy about your business.
  • Under Description write about something that can make your business stand out from the competition. Remember, you are now trying to compete with many other similar ads. You need to be selective with your word to make it stand out from them.

Step 8: Add Images to Your Ad

Adding images section is optional but I personally consider it vital part of ads. Images can speak many words for itself. I would encourage you to add images where appropriate.

  • At the Image section add 3 promotional images of product or service you are promoting.
  • At the Logo section add 3 logos if they are different, otherwise you can add 1 logo.

Step 9: Set Up Budget for Your Ad

  • You are in control of the budget. Any amount you set above the minimum budget per day, Google will still deliver your ads.
  • Use the blue dot to slide back and fort in order to set your preferred amount or you can enter where figures are shown.
  • I would encourage beginners to start with the lowest minimum amount per day.

Step 10: Review Your Campaign Settings.

  • Every information you have entered are being put together and your ad is finally ready to hit your audience.
  • Quickly check through each of the section and see if anything you need to adjust.
  • Click Next when you are good to go.

Step 11: Add Your Billing Information

  • Choose the payments profile that will be associated with this account or transaction.
  • If you have used a payments profile with other Google product earlier, you can still use the same profile.
  • Carefully fill up the profile.
  • Once done, Check the Agreement box at the bottom of the page and Click Submit.
  • You are done and google is now analyzing the placement of your ads to relevant audiences that you have choosen.

Step 12: Return to Google Ads Campaign Dashboard

  • Click Details at the bottom of your ad to edit your ad.
  • Click Create New Campaign to create new campaign.

Thank you for taking your time to follow through this tutorial. Kindly leave a comment below to improve in my next tutorial.

Have a wonderful learning experiences and successes here at Wealthy Affiliate.

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