How to Create a Free Website Now – Completely Free with SiteRubix.

Learn, Build, and Earn While Learning

SiteRubix allows you to turn your passion into a thriving internet business. What you need to understand is that SiteRubix completely took care of all technical aspects of building a website and provides you with training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something truly valuable.

How to create a free website now.

I will take you through a step by step process to guide you to completely create your own stunning website. And this website is not just another website. It has potential to grow into a potential stream of income online.

Step 1: Choose the name of your website at SiteRubix.Com.

When click on the link above or the image below, a new windows will open as shown on the picture below. You enter a suitable website name where it says, ‘Choose Your Website Name’.

Note that website name entered cannot be edited and cannot be changed once your domain is approved. If your preferred website name is not available, that means the domain name had already been taken so you have to edit the name to make it unique or you can enter a different name..

So in order to avoid frustration in the future, choose a brand able name that will reflect your business name and brand in the future as your website grows and expands. That is especially when you are deciding to build a business or an organisational website.

You can choose any website name for personal website. This article focuses on how to create a free business website that can potentially grow and turn into a money making hub.

Step 2: Account Setup for Free Hosting

One you are set and satisfied with your website name, click the blue button where it’s written ‘Build My Free Website’.

Within few seconds, all the elements of your website will be put together and you will be redirected to the host.

You will get completely free hosting plus free Site SSL (HTTPS) with accelerates sitespeed and siteprotect (Spam Blocker).

Complete setting up your free starter account at Wealthy Affiliate will give you confident to setup your onine business in a very secured environment.

The free benefits you will get as a starter members at Wealthy Affiliate includes the following.

  1. Live help for first seven days 
  2. Two free websites with
  3. Life time website backup for free
  4. Free access to level 1 Beginner Training Course (10 lessons)
  5. Personal Affiliate Blog that has potential to blog and make money online
  6. Access Affiliate Boot Camp for free (Phase 1 only)
  7. Free Access to video waltk through training for level 1 training course.
  8. Have 30 free searches with Jaxxy Keywords Research Tool.
  9. Access to 2 training classrooms for free from the seven classromms.
  10. Eligible to affiliate program. Refer others to Wealthy Affiliate and commissions.
  11. Earn while learning. You can earn within WA platform as well as from your two free website outside WA.
  12. Free access to one-on-one coaching for the first 7 days.

You can see these list on the table below and compare to the benefits that a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate gets.

Step 3: Accessing and Building Website at Wealthy Affiliate

After opening up your free starter member account, you can login to your WA account, then follow through the following steps to access to access and build your website.

  • Click Websites on the dashboard menus.
  • Under My Recent Websites you will find your new website there.
  • Click the blue log in button and it will open up the dashboard of your brand new website.
  • You can now setup menus, organize widgets, customize theme, and put some work to it until you get the desired look of your site.

Step 4: Content of Website

  • Click Websites on the dashboard menus.
  • Click SiteContent under Websites. This will open up the ultimate writing platform at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Now, follow through the training and write and publish your content accordingly.

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